Put End To White Supremacy. Confederate Flag-Burning Day

South Florida activist John Sims to burn the 'N-word on a pole'

Over two hundred years  black people were enslaved and humiliated by Whites who now pretend as if slavery and racism never existed. Basically, the situation has hardly changed at all and white supremacy still targets black people. With the 13th Amendment, which officially abolished slavery in the U.S., racial profiling found its way in an educational, health care system and many others where Whites can show their hatred of Blacks.

The Confederate flag is a bright example perfectly saying that Whites are proud of that shameful period they created in history. Being a deeply painful symbol of white supremacy, the flag makes the African-American descendants of slaves feel offended and hurt.

This legacy of racism enduring to this day needs to be banned. While white racists continue to believe that Blacks are inferior to them, activists like John Sims launch a large-scale fight against injustice. Thus, he attempted to turn Memorial Day into Confederate flag-burning day. Sims organized 13 flag-burning events across the 13 states of the Confederacy saying that “the Confederate flag is the N-word on a pole.”

We are here to remind that Black people remember everything and they won’t let it go. The deliberate displaying of confederate symbols is exactly what must be considered a hate crime. Until the authorities understand it, we won’t move on.

We cannot absolve Whites of their racial sins. They have to work hard to prove they regret. We recommend starting with paying reparations to the descendants of those who were so unfairly treated. Unfortunately, there’s little hope that the US government will recognize its mistakes.

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