Black Model Shot At T.I. Concert To Sue NYPD For Harassing Her

Hip hop rapper Maino’s girlfriend, Maggie C. Heckstall, shot at T.I. concert, said she will sue the NYPD for troubling her life.

The T.I. concert held on Wednesday, May 25, at the Irving plaza in New York resulted in violence, leaving 1 dead, 3 wounded and Maggie Heckstall was among the victims.

The 26-year-old model plans to sue the New York Police Department for harassing her. She said police started interrogating her just after she was shot.

Heckstall said the police followed her to the hospital where she was admitted for questioning. “Anytime anyone would walk to my door, they had six officers out here, staring into my room,” she said.

The black model said the investigators were “heartless” as they interrogated her from the ambulance to the operating theatre.

I cooperated with the officers. I don’t know if they wanted me to tell them more, but I don’t know what happened. Shots went off. Lights went off. I just tried to get out the room,” Heckstall explained.

The police didn’t do their job to look for the shooters so they decided to harass a woman that had little information about the incident. Why? Is she supposed to know the shooter just because she’s black?

They say there were security measures at the entrance, but these men managed to snitch in guns. Police can shoot innocent black kids playing with toy guns, but they cannot stop men entering with real guns at the T.I. concert.

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