Ashburne Family Grieves Mother’s Death

41-year-old Baltimore black woman, Latrina Ashburne, was shot dead on Friday, May 27, outside her house.

Latrina Ashburne, a Baltimore teacher’s aide and assistant pastor, was attacked by an unidentified suspect, while trying to get into her vehicle. She tried escaping the attack, but was fatally shot in the 2900 block of Rosalind Ave.

The police gave no details about the reason behind the shooting, but according to speculations, Ashburne’s shooting could be racially motivated as she was a very active member in the Baltimore community.

Ashburne’s uncle, Rev. Christian Hall was shocked when he heard about the tragic incident, knowing that Ashburne never had something against anyone. “How could this happen to her of all people?”, Hall asked.

That Saturday following Ashburne’s death was a day meant for the Ashburne family to gather together and have fun, but it turned out to be a day they mourned their beloved sister and mother.

Why is it that a black man can never step outside with a sound mind of returning home safe?

Imagine over 300 shootings of innocent black men and women just this year in Baltimore. Police report says that more than a dozen were killed last week. The city seems to be in desperate need of police reform, but not many serious measures have been taken by now. Maybe Baltimore community should follow the example of Chicago’s and try to force the changes through a series of public demonstrations.

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