KKK Rally Ends Up With 3 Stabbed And 1 In Very Critical Condition

Counter protesters were attacked by members of the KKK with knives, other tools and even a flagpole.

Counter protesters at the KKK rally suffered several degrees of injury during last Saturday’s clashes between members of the KKK planned rally and the counter protesters at Anaheim, California.

In all, three people were stabbed with a fourth person receiving severe injuries from a flagpole, the police reported.
The rally which was scheduled to take place at the Pearson’s park an hour and half later, before the clashes started off, finally ended up violently by noon as dozens of counter protesters were ready to face Klan protesters. Police, however, came to the scene of violence.

On arrival, the police saw counter protesters bleeding, narrating the story of what had ensued earlier.
Allegedly, Klan members had stabbed counter protesters with knives as one particular man was excessively bleeding. The unnamed victim was alleged to have been stabbed with the end of a flagpole by a Klansman. The victim was eventually rushed to the hospital since his injuries were very critical.

At the scene, two other counter protesters were seen lying on the ground in more stable conditions as a Klansman was standing nearby with a knife, Daron Wyatt of Anaheim Police Department reported.

In addition to the stabbed counter protest victims, a member of the KKK was transported for treatment with possible broken ribs.
A total of 13 people were taken into custody, consisting of 6 members of the KKK – a woman and 5 men, and 6 male counter protesters and one female.

Officer Wyatt encourages the general public and anyone who witnessed the incident to file a report with Orange County Crime Stoppers.

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