DNA Of Black People Altered Through Slavery

A study conducted on survivors of the Jewish holocaust shows that trauma of slavery is transferred through DNA from generation to generation.

Researchers believe that the DNA of black people may have been altered through hundreds of years of slavery. The group says that certain genetic identifiers of blacks are altered by a deeply distressing experience their ancestors faced hundreds of years ago.

Rachel Yahuda, a Professor of Psychiatry and Neuroscience at the ICHAN School of Medicine, Mt. Sinai, explained in an interview the epigenetic change between black and white people. She said that the FKBP5gene of black children, which contributes to risk for depression and PTSD, had an epigenetic change in the same spot on a stress related gene.

The study suggests that since DNA is hereditary, traumatic life experiences can have an effect of the offspring at the genetic level, which can be passed down through generations.

Dr. Joy Degruy Leary, author of the “Post traumatic slave Syndrome” said that because black people were traumatized directly, saw friends, cousins and around being beaten, sold away from family, raped, mutilated, it is not plausible that they escaped stress related illness.

These genetic changes and related depressions are sure to contribute into the amount of mental diseases, which strike black community.

So, black people continue to live with the pain that had been inflicted upon them as white supremacy gene is transferred from one white generation to another white generation, while the idea of reparations for the great grand children of black slaves remains unpopular.

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