Noose Found At DePaul After Black Lives Matter Protesters Shut Down Speaker

"Those found to be responsible will be held accountable".

The university is investigating “multiple reports” that a noose – described as a “horrific symbol of racist intimidation” — was found on the Lincoln Park campus late Thursday afternoon, according to the university’s public safety office.

“Those found to be responsible will be held accountable,” the alert from the university officials read.

The noose is believed to be a kind of revenge to BLM activists having interrupted a conservative blogger speech several days before.

The first demonstrator to rush the stage that evening, Ed Ward, posted a video to Facebook Wednesday saying he had no remorse for breaking off the event.

“Let me be perfectly clear, I do not apologize for my actions on DePaul’s campus,” the DePaul alum said. “I don’t apologize for refusing to allow a racist, bigot to spew his hatred on DePaul’s campus. I don’t apologize for shutting the event down. I don’t apologize.”

He later received so many racist threats over social media that he had to temporarily deactivate his Twitter account.

Black people have faced a lot of racist issues and these brave activists took their opportunity to shed light on such matters to the thousands that were there.

Kindly SHARE this article to help find the perpetrators. Anyone with information is asked to call the office of public safety at 773-325-7777.

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