White Supremacists’ Rally Confronted By Counter-Protesters

A rally held by white nationalists near the state Capitol turned physical

We live in a society so pervaded by hatred and intolerance that people of different nations unleash their fury on each other in broad daylight. That’s what happened on Sunday in Sacramento, which turned into a violent battlefield.

The mutual anger of members of a white nationalist group and counter-protesters spilled onto the streets on Sunday noon, when the Traditional Worker Party was officially permitted to stage a rally outside the state Capitol. The fight broke out after about 30 TWP members gathered for a rally, and were met by about 400 counter-protesters. The confrontation resulted in a clash in which a total of 10 people suffered multiple stab and laceration wounds.

The leader of TWP, Matt Parrott, sees the rally as a part of the backlash over leftist radicals’ violence they allegedly instigated at many of the Republican candidate’s rallies.

To us, the rally was nothing short of an attempt of white nationalists to promote their racial ideology with the aid of authorities. What else can it be when Black people are called “professional agitators” in public and treated like thugs? Not only the government allows hundreds of white supremacists enjoy their freedom, but it also grants them permission to gather and diminish Blacks.

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