New Study: Meditation May Help Black Students Cope With Stress

Chicago researchers believe a few minutes of meditation may be a solution to dealing with stress problems for black students.

Researchers at the Erikson Institute in Chicago are carrying out a 4-year-study to determine whether sitting down for few minutes with legs crossed each other and hands opened wide while meditating can improve young African-American students’ academic performance.

These researchers are now teaching over 2,000 students in Chicago to master the “art of mindfulness”.

An assistant professor at the Erikson Institute, Amanda Moreno, said in an interview with neaToday that the preliminary results so far have been promising. She said that the extra time students now have between every lesson for meditation is increasingly helping them to quickly refocus.

This makes classrooms more efficient, but it also helps with an even bigger goal: Helping children grow up to be healthy adults,” Moreno said.

It has been proven by doctors and researchers that stress has a medical effect on people. It leads sometimes to high blood pressure or heart attacks. But what exactly stresses a black man? White people of course. These black students fight racial discrimination from their white mates and are always frightened by police officers not to be shot.

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