Cicely Tyson – Royal Acting Queen Of Black America

Cicely Tyson has been an unparalleled inspiration to millions of fans worldwide for decades on television, film and stage.

Some people do things for money. Some people do things for fame. But Harlem-born Cicely Tyson has dedicated her life to representing Black people in the full embodiment of all intelligent and civilized human beings. At great cost to her professional career, she has refused to accept roles that oversexualized and degraded women. She said that her experiences demanded that she become more than just an actress — she wanted to use her acting gift as her platform for bigger purposes. While an American Red Cross secretary in the early 1950s, Tyson told her coworkers “I was sure that God didn’t put me on the face of this earth to bang on a typewriter the rest of my life.”

Tyson’s beauty gained her work as a top model before she dazzled the theatre world. She was initially a bit intimidated when she started taking acting classes with classmates that included Marilyn Monroe. Tyson gained confidence and was then off and running in the drama arena. Her convictions of excellence have now paved the way for most of the A-list black actresses being recognized by the prestigious award show committees. Tyson was married to iconic jazz legend, Miles Davis. This was the union of two of America’s strong and uncompromising creative giants.

Her list of awards and achievements is more than 10 people could accumulate. Cicely Tyson has numerous honorary doctorate degrees; was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her performance in Sounder; won an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress performance in TV movie The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman: received a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame; and starred in the critically acclaimed Roots television miniseries. The woman has made an indelible impact on American society.

One the things she can be proud of is Cicely L. Tyson Community School of Performing and Fine Arts

The $ 180 million, 300,000-squore-fool specialty magnet public middle and high school was unveiled in East Orange, New Jersey, on Oct. 26, 2009. The school is among the largest and most technologically advanced facilities in NJ. The school teaches core disciplines while focusing on the creative potential of the students.

The high school has an 800-seat theatre built to Broadway standards. Also, the students have access to a TV studio, art studios, music rooms, performance practice rooms, and draft­ing rooms. The classrooms all feature smart- boards and multiple computer workstations.

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