White Shop Owner Calls Black Customer ‘Filthy Ni**er’

Black mom from Atlanta, Coretta White, writes a negative review of a clothing shop and the owner responds with racial slurs.

Coretta explained her story to the NAACP Atlanta chapter on Wednesday, May 18, posting screen shots of a heated conversation between her and Susan Smithson, the owner of an Atlanta based boutique.

The black mother said she wanted to get a nice gown for her beautiful daughter to use for her upcoming prom event.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as agreed with the shop. And so Coretta rated them with a single star and wrote, “I would advise anyone looking to purchase a dress ti look past this place. First of all they misplaced my ny daughter’s dress. Secondly, they told me my alterations would be complete in two weeks abd I’m still waiting

On May 7, the shop owner, Smithson, responded to Coretta in a Facebook comment, accusing her of stealing the gown and threatening to call the police. Few minutes later, Coretta commented, “I have my receipt. Call them”. And Smithson responded, “I WILL u filthy nigger. MizScarletts is a white owned business for whites only take your uppity nigger ass elsewhere.”

Even in 2016, when segregation is meant to be a story from the past, communities still have places or shops meant only for white people. There are bars you cannot enter because you’re black, and now we see shop owners claiming they do not serve people of color. How then can we fight against racism in our society, if we continue to encourage services like these be open to the public?

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