How Valued Is The Life Of A Black Man?

Somehow the courts have found a common price tag for all black men, who are murdered by police officers.

Since police brutal killings took a new high in 2012, government officials have found a price range they think black lives worth. Paying about $6M for damages to families of innocent unarmed black men and women killed by police officers has become a common practice .

A 12-year-old African-American, Tamir Rice, was shot dead by two Ohio officers, while playing with a toy gun in a recreation center in 2014. His family is to be given $6M.

Another black man, Eric Garner died that same year due to “compression of neck (choke hold), compression of chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police.” The NYC court decided to pay $5,9M for damages.

The families of Freddie Gray, Walter Scott and many others, who were killed by police, were or will be settled for about $6M. But is this what a black man’s life cost?

Compare this injustice to the costs of a sex videos of some white people. Erin Andrews secretly videotaped in a hotel was awarded $55M by the Nashville Court. Another white wrestler and actor, Hulk Hogan, was granted $140M for a video released of him banging his friend’s wife. Yet black men and women are brutalized and killed day and night, but all they get is still six million dollars.

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