NYC Cop Disarmed For Beating Bystanders During Violent Arrest

NYC police officer, Risel Martinez, has been temporally stripped of his badge and gun for punching a witness, who was filming a violent arrest.

May. 21,2016


According to reports, NYC police stopped a gray Hyundai sedan double-parked on Harlem block on Thursday, May 19. A 21-year-old biker, Dayshawn Bettway, and several other bikers began to surround Martinez and his crew, when two men escaped from the car that was pulled over.

That evening, Officer Martinez confronted Bettway to arrest him for riding a dirt bike reported to have been stolen.

The fact that the incident took place in Harlem, which is a predominantly black area, seems to have let officer Martinez off the leash. The video shows him pulling his gun at bystanders, who were taking cell phone videos of the incident. Another video shows Martinez vigorously punching an onlooker, who was also videotaping him.

An black observer explained to NY1: “He put his hands up, said, ‘I don’t want no problems.’ Cop punched him in his face, like three or four times, slammed him on his head. That’s when I got the camera out.”

The NYC cop was placed on modified duty over the week while the NYPD investigates the incident.

Is there a theory about why cops in 2016 violently react when people try to videotape them while on duty? Except they’re not doing the right thing, but they can’t say they’re “Videophobic”. A cop like this should spend the other half of his in tight prison, where he sees the moon a leap year.

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NYC Cop Disarmed For Beating Bystanders During Violent Arrest
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