2 Kids (Black And White) Shot Themselves, Guess Who Is Charged?

One parent received felonious charge, while the other sympathized!

Kiyan Shelton Enoch, 2, mistakenly shot himself with a gun from his mother’s purse on April 20. Six days after, Holston Cole, 3, was pronounced dead due to a self-inflicted gun wound. Their stories have made the national headlines.

Meanwhile, even though parents acted irresponsible and left a deadly weapon at the disposal of their children which cause this related tragedy, they didn’t face the same punishment by authorities. One parent received a criminal charge, while the other was sympathized and warned.

The Atlanta Black Star reports that “Kiyan’s mother, Kanisha Shelton, who is African-American, was charged Tuesday with a felony count of neglect of a dependent resulting in death. She was arrested but has since been released on bond with an initial court hearing scheduled for 9 a.m. Thursday, according to the Marion County prosecutor’s office and jail records.”

On the contrary, Holston’s parents, David and Haley Cole, were told from the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office Thursday that they won’t be charged in their child’s death. Interestingly, the Coles are white.

Since January 1, 2016, a total number of 23 toddlers fatally shot themselves or another person. These unfortunate incidences have been on the rise and they are biased in handling them.  Laws should be strict on any parent for being irresponsible.

Both couples suffer from their losses and feel the same pain, however black parents face the charges while white not. Every family in this kind of situation should be treated equally with the same respect but not escaping from responsibility.

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