Dreams Come True: Black Mom Wins $429.6M Powerball Jackpot

70-year-old Pearlie Smith and her children spend $6 in lottery and get almost half a billion dollar in return.

Pearlie Smith and her seven children, Marcia, Valerie, Tracy Steven, Jacqueline, Renee, Kathy, revealed themselves as winners of the seventh largest Powerball jackpot ever on Thursday, May 12.

“The winning numbers came to Pearlie Smith in a dream,” says one of her daughters. God spoke and Pearlie, who is a pastor at a Trenton church, listened and acted on what she saw.

The kind-hearted family said they will give ten percent of the money as tithe and use some of it to help out students pay their loans and mortgages and also give some to charity.

Kathy, one of the siblings, who has been facing financial difficulties, plans to use some of her shares to help mentor young women. The young inspirational woman’s eldest sister, Valerie Arthur, confirmed her decision in a news report saying, “Now she has her own funding where she can help these young women at-risk. She can go and change lives on her own accord.”

We glad to see the luck of this wonderful family and wish every member of the community will some day see their dreams coming true.

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