Controversial T-Shirts With Black Man Under The Slave Tree

A female society group in Samford University, Alabama, is under fire for using a racist slavery map on its T-shirts.

The shirts, which were made by the Alpha Delta Pi Sorority in Birmingham, Al., show a hungry caricatured black man devouring a “ten-pound” watermelon and his brother slaves picking cottons under a hot burning sun.

According to reports, the T-shirts were deliberately made for the sorority spring formal, even after the school administration denied their request.

Unfortunately, the group’s dream of having a fun spring break was shattered as they received series of remarks from the media showing disappointment in their decision, which they will be punished for.

The university, sorority chapter and international organization apologized for the racially insensitive images, which flooded Twitter and other social media.

Samford president Andy Westmoreland referred to the shirts to be “an abhorrent, disrespectful expression that is completely inconsistent with our core principles.”

Lauren Hammond, ADPi Samford chapter president, admitted that they were wrong to have disobeyed the school’s authority and by using those images on their T-shirts. “In selecting the T-shirt, we failed to focus on the specific images in the design.” She promised to destroy the T-shirts and hopes such incidents won’t repeat again.

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