Unanswered Questions About Fatal Police Shooting Of Black Father

Family members of Diahlo Grant, who was shot to death by cops, still wait for answers as they mourn their beloved son and father.

May. 14,2016


Diahlo, a 27-year-old father of six plus one to be soon delivered, was foot chased and shot dead by two non-uniformed cops, while heading home to see his lovely wife and children at around 1:30 a.m. Saturday, April 9, 2016.

A man who was full of great potentials untimely left his family, leaving a void in their hearts which cannot be ever filled. Diahlo’s mother, Pauline Grant, said that she can’t still bear the pain of losing her oldest son, who was a good person and a caring father.

That day was really odd. I felt this pain in my stomach all day. All I could say is ‘My God. My God’,” Pauline spoke with tears running her eyes. “The week Diahlo died was the week of my birthday. And Mother’s Day came right after that. It was like double jeopardy. I’m always thinking he’s not really dead. That one day he’s going to ring the doorbell. This is heartbreaking for me,” she added.

According to reports, Diahlo was shot six times, but no information has been given on who and why those officers pursued him.

Diahlo’s 25-year-old sister, Camille O’Sullivan, told news report, “My mom had to bury her son not knowing who killed him and why. All we want to know is what happened. It’s been so frustrating. It’s been over a month and we don’t know what happened. We can’t even grieve properly. There are all these unanswered questions.”

Well, the police might be still forging evidence to prove their innocence, that’s why the family hasn’t gotten any details about the shooting.

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Unanswered Questions About Fatal Police Shooting Of Black Father
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