Cops Kill Robbery Victim. Truth About Police Brutality.

Too many Black families nowadays have to face the tragic loss of their loved-ones killed by police. Our guest today is one of these people. Keandra McDole is the sister of Jeremy McDole, a 28-year-old unarmed paralyzed Black man fatally shot by police while being in a wheelchair in Wilmington, Delaware. Keandra says that Jeremy had been robbed and shot by a robber just minutes before he was killed by police. However, authorities claim that the cause of the shooting is unclear as police and witnesses offer differing accounts of the incident. Let us find out what really happened nearly eight months ago.
Hello, Keandra! I am pleased to have you share your feelings and throw more light on the death of your brother Jeremy McDole! First, could you tell our readers a little about yourself and your relationship with your brother? How close were you?
Keandra McDole
Me and my brother had always had a bond, he was the oldest and I was the second oldest. We were very close and basically, contacted each other on daily basis. He was my big brother so I looked up to him in everything irrespective of the fact that he became paralyzed and sat in the wheelchair. He was a great person and I felt OK talking to him about anything going on in my life, including my “boy problems”, anything!
It is always hard to lose a close person! I am really sorry for the tragedy that changed your life. Could you, please, describe what happened on September 23, 2015?
Keandra McDole
I wasn’t there when it all happened, but I can tell you how everything happened. My brother had been staying at the hospital for about three months, he was in the wheelchair and so he got a lot of sores from sitting down in it so much. He had to be in the hospital and from the hospital; they had to put him in the nursing home. On the day of his death, Jeremy had to take a urine sample down to the nursing home because he didn’t pee like the normal people do, he used a catheter. He always came outside around 12 noon to take his nephew who is 4-years-old to take him to the shop to get their favorite product (it is blue) which they buy for themselves every time. My nephew expects for him to be there every morning. Unfortunately, my brother never had a chance to do so as he had been attacked and robbed before the fatal shooting. Our neighbor said that he heard a gunshot and came out of his house only to see my brother lying on the ground out of his wheelchair. The neighbor approached Jeremy and asked him if he was ok and he responded. Turned out, my brother ended up being shot by the guy who robbed him. It can be proved by the presence of the mark on his thigh. I guess a 911 call came the minute the shot of the robber was fired and it said that Jeremy was suicidal and had shot himself and that he still had a gun or something, which was totally a lie.
Everything seems to be so unfortunate! The further events can be seen in a shocking viral cellphone video footage (attached above). Local Wilmington Police responded to the 911 call and found Jeremy sitting in his wheelchair. Police instructed him to raise his hands but he hesitated which resulted in Jeremy being fatally shot multiple times by police. According to police, a .38-caliber pistol was found on your brother after the shooting. But you claim your brother actually didn’t have a gun, did he?
Keandra McDole
No! He didn’t have a gun at all. He had just got robbed and shot. This is what I’m trying to make everybody understand. My brother had just got robbed minutes before the police got there. So where did this gun come from? Nobody knows! I know my brother had no gun in his possession.
Nevertheless, many people seem to believe that Jonathan tried to commit a suicide. Could you make it more clear by explaining to us if he was having any emotional problems?
Keandra McDole
No! When my brother got shot for the first time about ten years before this happened (the shot that made him paraplegic), he handled it well, and he never allowed the incident change his mood in the eyes of my family. He lived with himself and understood that he would never walk again. He tried to make the best out of his situation. He wasn’t suicidal or depressed but he stayed cool and focused. Actually, he was getting himself housing so that he could be out of the nursing home and be able to do things by himself. So he was going to be leaving the nursing home in few weeks before he got shot by the police.
That explains a lot! Additionally, the attention of the public was drawn to the arrest of your mother that happened after Jeremy had been shot. Can you give an account of what happened?
Keandra McDole
They said my Mom went to beat up the lady who made the 911 call. As a matter of fact, it is a lie. My Mom was in the house watching a TV show called “EMPIRE.” She wasn’t anywhere near there. It can be easily proved as she was with friends, neighbors, and my little sister. She was released an hour later after her arrest because the cause of arrest was false.
Good to know! And the final question. We know that the investigation of the incident is still ongoing. What are your plans? How do you intend to seek justice for your brother?
Keandra McDole
Actually, we are trying to keep his story alive because Delaware City officials don’t want national attention and are trying to keep the issue from the light. That’s why we organize marches and protests to gain attention from the authorities so that justice can be served. Actually, there is a march coming up on May 20.
Thank you for your time, Keandra! BlackMattersUS wish you and your family to finally get justice and peace. Now that we know what really happened, I encourage all the readers to join the upcoming protest to get justice for Jeremy McDole!
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