Black Workers At Boeing Face Racial And Gender Discrimination In The Workplace

Boeing in El Segundo is again sued for racial and gender discrimination of its workers. Black employees struggle to have the equal chances of getting and keeping their jobs.

The problem of African American workers, who have experienced discrimination or unfair treatment in their workplaces, has been a major concern for all people of color for many decades. The vast number of black people facing retaliation from co-workers reflects the striking difference between black and white people both during recruiting and working process.

It’s not surprising that there is more pressure put on Blacks in the job market field as the employers remain skeptical about those who were born black. They feel more reluctant to hire black people and look at the color of their skin, rather than assess their professional qualities and competence. Black people find themselves subjected to extra scrutiny from bosses who catch all their errors, be they large or small, which leads to poorer salaries and racial gaps in the labor force.

The perfect example of hostile attitude toward people with dark skin was provided by Boeing in El Segundo. The aerospace firm was sued for racial, gender discrimination after it unfairly denied its 8 employees promotions.

The company simply neglected black people’s working background and professional skills, which in many cases were likely to be superior than that of their white counterparts.

This is the most recent case when Boeing employees filed racial discrimination lawsuits against the company. The rest of the cases dated back to 1998, 1999 and 2004 years.

Black workers’ issues are so often ignored by authorities that we don’t have any other alternative than suing companies for their ill treatment for us.

Notwithstanding that a black candidate can be twice as good, smart and talented, his white counterpart is still likely to have better chances to be hired.

We feel suffocated by today’s struggles of racial profiling and express our dissatisfaction with what is going on in some powerful companies as Boeing. Black people are tired of such attitude at work places. There needs to be strict control measures taken to help fight racism and this they can do with all our help.

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