School-Based Police Officers Use Excessive Force On Kids

“They look at us like we don’t know how to control ourselves and we just get angry quick. They criminalize us for no reason,” Scoot a Black teenager said, describing the excessive force used by campus police officers on them.

Given the number of high-profile school shootings and other violent and nonviolent crimes which have been occurring in schools, the government made an obvious move of increasing police presence in schools. But has that been helpful to the kids?

There used to be a time when a kid got into trouble at school he or she was sent to the principal’s office. They were either suspended or expelled if the crime committed warranted such extreme punishment, however now things have changed drastically and not necessarily for the better.
In recent years there have been multiple violent crimes committed in schools. In an effort to manage the situation, the number of police presence in schools was tripled. The numerical increase officers are supposed to ensure the safety of school children. But one cannot deny the oppressive atmosphere their presence in such magnitude has created.

For simply behaving as a teenager, children may now get arrested at school. The school laws these school police, also known as resource officers, are supposed to enforce are so vague they just do whatever pleases them. In many states, the number of teenagers with an arrest record has more than doubled due to the increased presence of the police in schools.

There have been reported cases of these officers using excessive force on teenagers. Children in a typical school fight get tased and then arrested.

In the last 3 years, there have been 83 reported cases of students who were tased by resource officers. This is a gross misrepresentation of purpose. Moreover, most of these cases go unreported.

There are serious concerns for the safety of our children in schools, but mere increasing the presence of resource officers obviously is not the answer. Rather, that seems to be doing more harm than good. Why do we need guards around children, if not to protect them? There need to be better laws in place governing their conducts as well.

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