Flint Water Crisis: “Things Are getting Better”, Officials Claim

The aftermath of Flint Water Crisis has affected thousands of households, most of which are Black.

The Flint water crisis, which started sometime in April 2014, after the city switched its water source, has drastically lost media focus even though some residents are still being affected. The crisis isn’t over but no government official cares about it and there are still lots of people, who need help.

Over the week, the newly elected Flint adviser, Harvey Hollins, told News report about the latest said development in the Flint Water crisis. Hollins mentioned that “Things are getting back to normal”, but the city is yet to handle some of the main issues of the contaminated water supply.

Hollins was recently appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder to oversee how the city and state handle the water crisis. He claimed that “what needs to occur is developing and building trust. That’s going to be a long task.”

It’s easy for officials in their comfort zones to decide how good the situation is in a place where people have no chance to drink and bathe normally.

Up till this moment, people are still using bottled water for domestic purposes. If the government cannot see how water matters to its citizens how can they say that Black Lives Matter?

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