Black Chief Of Ferguson’s Police, A Step For System Improvement

Two Black police troopers from Michigan were awarded $5.2 million in a racial discrimination lawsuit against their department.

A string of horrific Ferguson murders, that gained widespread coverage, resulted in Police Chief Tom Jackson’s resignation and put Delrish Moss, 51, in front row. After it became hard to ignore Ferguson’s police wrongdoings, which cost innocent black people their lives, Moss was sworn-in as a new chief.

What is remarkable about Moss, is that he became Ferguson’s first permanent black police chief. What led him to take this position was the discontent expressed over racial bias and profiling in the criminal justice system expressed by the residents. Since the city police were mostly white, considering the fact that about two-thirds of the people living in Ferguson are black, the relationship between law enforcement and citizens were more than strained.

Moss recalls to have been repeatedly attacked by police earlier in his childhood. That is what made him understand the grievance of black people who now are literally hogtied in their desperate fight against police brutality.

Thousands of black men and women now hope the new chief’s policy to be a breeze in the system where people of color were not welcome for long years. Notwithstanding the achievements of new Chief of Police, which he managed to attain within a year of office, we still have doubts as to whether his politics met the expectations of Black people.

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