Family Of Killed Black Man Reaches A Tentative Deal With New Jersey Police Department

The state offers to pay to the family of Jerame Reid for the settlement of its federal lawsuit against killer cops.

On Monday the lawyer for Reid’s widow, Conrad Benedetto said, “Nothing’s finalized.” A final deal has not yet been achieved as the parties involved are still deliberating on matters. According to Benedetto, the widow of Reid should receive an amount of $200,000 in addition to legal fees.

Evidence of Reid’s killing was captured on both a dash camera and a video recording by an eye witness. On this basis, the family of the deceased was able to file a lawsuit against the two cops, Braheme Days and Roger Worley and demand justice.

Reid was shot by two Bridgeton police officers on December 30, 2015, after he stepped out of his vehicle with his hands up when pulled over by the cops. Jerame Reid had been stopped for allegedly running a stop sign. The two officers approached him while he was in his car and requested for his license and just when he was complying, both cops pulled out their guns and pointed at him. They had seen a gun in his glovebox, which was removed by Roger Worley without any resistance from Reid.

The video revealed a tensed situation where the officers yelled at Reid, continuously pointing their guns at him. Fearing for his life, Reid stepped out of his car with his hands in the air, posing no form of threat at all to the police. But the two cops shot Reid several times killing him.

According to the tentative settlement, Reid’s infant son will get a sum of $1.5 million in sporadic payments for damages by the age of 18. Moreover, Reid’s mother and the mother of his child are to be paid $70,000 each.

The police department has denied legal responsibility under the terms of the settlement.

The video was not enough to prove the guilt of the police, who once again were scared of an unarmed man. Moreover, now they are definitely going to question the compensation because the department is not eager to pay the amount of money that can really help the family of the victim.

We demand justice for Jerame Reid and his family. We call upon the attorney not to relent on his effort and demand not only the increase in compensation but also a retrial of the case, which is another example of biased attitude to Black people.

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