Black Troopers Are Helpless Fighting Against Police Discrimination

Instead of wrapping up a career in Ferguson’s police, Derlish Moss was elected as a new chief.

Based upon the recent case of Darzeil Hall and Lamarr Johnson of Michigan State Police, we come to conclusion that black people continue to find themselves in the lowest niche in the law enforcement hierarchy.

Once two black police troopers were awarded$5.2 million after filing a racial discrimination lawsuit against their department, they faced a hostile attitude from their fellow colleagues, who created the other ways to remind them that people of color don’t matter.

According to Hall and Johnson, they got strictly punished for even minor faults that didn’t produce any negative impact on work quality. As a result, Hall was involved in internal affairs investigation after he made an occasional mistake in his daily report. Johnson suffered as well, since his promotions were turned down multiple times. That’s what he got after receiving a master’s degree in public administration.

With all these facts considered, Hall and Johnson come with a new lawsuit against the department that shows it’s totally unfair treatment for black workers.

Although the Michigan State Police Department claims to be fighting for diversity among its officers, we see that no real actions were taken at all. The number of white police recruits still prevails over black ones.

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