Utah School Defends White Teacher’s Use of the N-Word In Class

The teacher also had a confederate flag in his class, but the school district still thinks his intent was not to offend.

A Black woman from Utah is outraged that her teenage son sat through a class in which a teacher used the n-word and defined its meaning and history, Fox 19 reports.

Holy Frye, the mother of a 14-year-old South Ogden Junior High student told Utah’s Fox 19 that Douglas Barker, a history teacher at the school used the racially-charged word in class during a screening of the 1989 Civil War film “Glory” in April.

“He then proceeded to tell the children his definition,” Frye said. “You tell me where in the course it says to talk about racial slurs.”

Frye told the news station that the teacher’s use of the racially-charged word emotionally disturbed her son, adding that the history teacher must be disciplined by the school district.

Nate Taggart, a spokesman for the Weber School district acknowledged that the teacher’s use of the word was “inappropriate,” but also added that “his intent was not to offend.”

However, it is difficult to believe that someone, who according to the spokesman, had a confederate flag in his class, would politely use the n-word, which is generally offensive to black people.

Barker’s appreciation of the confederate flag, which is a symbol of hatred towards black people, and his use of a racial slur in class, is evidence enough that he lacks the ethics of teaching history in a diversified society.

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