Bill Clinton ‘Literally’ Serves Fried Chicken To Black People’ In Louisville

Bill Clinton stopped at Franco’s Home Cooking during his visit to Louisville and got behind the counter to serve fried chicken to Black people.

Bill Clinton took Franco’s Home Cooking by surprise when he bumped in during his visit to Louisville, Kentucky, only to find his way behind a counter to “LITERALLY” serve fried chicken to black customers. But it wasn’t just any food, and it wasn’t just any crowd, The American Mirror reported.

Did he do this ridiculous thing because he felt he was the ‘first black president’ or does he think every black person likes chicken? Clinton was not seen in an apron, gloves or hairnet when serving. It means that if he were really ready to work as a food vendor, he would be fired over the hygiene rules violation.

The Clintons are known for their racist views and it has been expressed numerous times. And now we are watching Bill playing a ‘Blackophile’ in a fast food joint serving black people. Bill Clinton is a pure liar! He even proved it in the court! There is no doubt that Bill is doing it for the sake of his wife’s presidential ambitions.

He looks really stupid and he must admit this. There’s no need to play idiot to gain black votes. Black people love honest people and the Clinton family must get used to the fact that we will never vote for them again.

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