African Americans in the Gaming Industry

The issue of black stereotypes playing a prominent role in video games, has been under discussion for a long time.

Despite African Americans making up a significant percentage of gamers in the US, the number of developers of color working in the industry is woefully disproportionate.

However, there are some who have made their way into the industry. Many are working to change the way that African Americans are represented in video games. Below is a list of our top 5 tech professionals currently working in the video game industry.

These developers boast some serious skills, which reach far beyond the designing of games that you’re likely to see on bingo sites such as The professionals below create immersive worlds with huge focus on providing an overall high standard of gaming.

Gordon Bellamy

If you’re familiar with the Madden NFL series by EA Sports, then you’ve already had a taste of Bellamy’s skillset. After beginning his career as a lead designer for the franchise, he moved on to the IDGA to serve as executive director. In 2015, he co-founded Hangry Studios which focuses on quality assurance and automation for the gaming industry.

Marcus Montgomery

Montgomery has been dedicated to instilling diversity in the gaming industry, which was the driving force behind the founding of However, he is perhaps more likely to be known outside of the industry for turning a black Barbie doll into a game developer styled doll for his wife’s birthday!

Lisette Titre

Titre is both a computer animator and an ACG artist. She’s also the wife of Marcus Montgomery and was both the recipient of and inspiration behind his black gamer developer Barbie doll. Titre has worked extensively with EA on games like the Simpsons, Dante’s Inferno and Tiger Wood’s Golf.

Joseph Saulter

Saulter holds the position of chairman of the IGDA’s Diversity Advisory Board. He is also the founder of Entertainment Arts Research Inc. and has written textbooks on game design and development.

Karisma Williams

In addition to her post as a senior experience manager at Microsoft, she is also the creative director of As part of her work at Microsoft, she has worked extensively on Xbox Kinect, a controller-less way of gaming which directs gameplay using verbal and body language cues.

African Americans in this industry are helping to create a dialogue on the portrayal of black Americans in this form of media. Young people should not be discouraged from entering the sector. People of color are helping the world to make huge strides in technology. The world needs more hear more narratives from people of color.

Despite the relatively low number of people of color who are currently employed as tech professionals, people should not consider video gaming to be a closed door to African Americans. As Derek Manns stated, being good at mathematics is a prerequisite. Young people can increase their chances of success by scouting for schools which offer an undergrad degree in gaming. So, if you’ve got the skills and the drive then join this talented group in prompting change.

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