What Do You Know About The 18th Century Slavery In America?

The issue of slavery in the Northern and Southern regions of America could have been stopped, but except for white power, it spread and affected the world altogether.

The various and diverse take on racism by different institutions and individuals really dim the light on the truth about what happened between the North and the South, due to slavery.

An unprecedented war evoked shortly after the birth of this great country over the issue of slavery, decades before its abolishing. A study conducted by Historian Lincoln Mullen of George Mason University, through an interactive map, shows the alarmingly rapid spread of slavery in the Northern and Southern states of the born United States of America that time.

The study clarifies the issue of slavery, which distinctly separated the North from the South, slavery was abolished in a few decades from its introduction.
Mullen clearly illustrated the rate at which slavery quickly spread and gained roots in the South, an area which formerly had few or no slaves at all.
This situation was aggravating even to the extent that in most counties, slaves made the highest percent of the total population.

“When looking at the density of the population that was free, large swathes of the South appear virtually depopulated.” Mullen stated in his research.
Now, many years after the slave trade and slavery in America, the supposedly “free” people of color, especially Blacks, still get treated like they were slaves.

However, Mullen’s study will help to put a stop to disputes about how slavery spread in the U.S., an issue that affects everything from politics to simple living.

Racism was caused by Black slavery in the early 18th century.
Watch this eye-opening video to get an insight of how slavery has affected the U.S. criminal justice.

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