Why Some Entrepreneurs Don’t Present Their Businesses As Black-Owned

One strategy most black entrepreneurs take to attract and maintain customers is not revealing their business as black-owned.

Duane Draughon, owner of VizX Design Studios is one of the successful black entrepreneurs, who has avoided introducing himself to clients as the owner of the 3D Design Firm based in Naperville, Chicago.

From the company’s website, Draughon presents himself as a project manager not the owner due to the fear of losing customers. According to reports, he hired a white insurance representative to carry out job interviews and also formed a white sales team.

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Draughon said, “I never said I wasn’t the owner. If asked, I would admit it.” To some potential customers, black-owned business is geared towards black people. Hence, they move off to find their colors.

James Parker is another black Chicago tech entrepreneur, who hid his identity until now as the owner of a dating site, BestDateNight.com.

As soon as you say it’s Black-owned, white people will believe it’s only for Black people, and Black people will look for something wrong with it,” he said.

The factor of race plays a great role in developing and maintaining today’s businesses. For black people to survive in the business world it is necessary to feel the community’s support.

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