Dozens Gathered For Black Lives Matter Rally In Bluff City

The rally was set to remind people that racism exists and it is real in America.

A procession of dozens of people marched through the streets of Bluff City, Tenn., singing “We Shall Overcome” – the well known civil rights anthem.

The participants gathered before noon on Saturday, at the town pavilion on Holston Drive, for a Black Lives Matter rally, which was organized by local pastor Carol Keith.

According to Keith the event’s goal was to help shed light on racism, which seems to be forgotten, but yet still prevalent.

Bluff city has seen it own share of America’s widespread racism and discrimination: church members, including children have been victims of racial slurs and there have also been incidents of racist vandalism.

However, Keith is positive that if we remain persistent in our fight against racism and injustice “we shall overcome.”

Keynote speaker, Nathan Farnor, a sophomore at East Tennessee State University and member of the Tri-Cities chapter of the NAACP, said, reminded the participants, who were of various races, that racism “happens everywhere and in every form,” and noted that local church congregations in the Tri-Cities in Bluff City are affected by it.

The rally came to its conclusion after a brief stopped at the senior citizens’ center, where Pastor Max Jackson thanked God for what they had accomplished.

At a time when many have chosen to ignore racism and do nothing about it, it brings relief to know that there are highly motivated individuals in Bluff City who actually care.

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