Civil Rights Exhibit Brings Rep. John Lewis To Tears

Civil Rights icon Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) was brought to tears while visiting an exhibit centered on sit-ins at Atlanta’s Center for Civil and Human Rights

Lewis’ visit was captured on former Obama adviser David Axelrod’s CNN show “The Axe Files.” While visiting the exhibit, Axelrod and Lewis listened to reenactments of the verbal and physical violence protesters endured at the peak of the Civil Rights Movement, The Hill reports.

Listening to those recordings was a full circle moment for Lewis, who had experienced that type of treatment first-hand. According to the source, during the historic 1965 civil rights demonstration in Selma, someone attacked Lewis with a club.

When Axelrod asked Lewis how he felt after listening to those recreated scenes, tears welled up in Lewis’ eyes. “Surreal. It is real. Exactly what happened,” he said.

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