Officers Initial Report Differs From Newly Released Dashcam Footage About Teens Pond Drowning

Florida pond drown of three teen girls in March had raised complications after a dashcam video was released on Monday. WTSP-TV reported that controversies have risen after the release of dashcam footage of Monday which showed the March 31 drowning of three black teens in Florida pond.

Three Pinellas County officers responded to this incident in Clearwater on this day from a 911 call reporting that a Honda Accord was seen drowning in Florida pond. Apparently, this was a stolen vehicle by three black teens.  Laniya Miller, 15, Ashaunti Butler, 15, and Dominique Battle, 16, all drowned that day, and the teens held criminal records for arrests and car thefts, WTSP-TV reported.

According to WFTS-TV, the initial report of Sheriff Bob Gualtieri was that, the officers who responded to the emergency attempted to enter the water and save the girls, although they were not able to go far. Consequently, the recent dashcam video differs from the statement initially made by Sheriff Bob Gualtieri.

The Officers’ conversation in the dashcam is as, “They’re done,” one deputy said to another. “They’re done.” Another deputy said, “Let’s get rescue out here with a boat.” One deputy can also be heard saying, “I hear them yelling, I think.”

If Officers simply looked while these kids were drowning, then it’s equivalent to killing them. We are not justifying the teens’ theft, but officers could have done something to save them. They were girls and underage. And they were blacks. Officers decided not to save them because they were blacks and held their theft case against them at that point. This is a hate crime and officers must be punished.

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