Baltimore Cop Drag Black Teen From Home Without Warrant

A white cop slammed Tionne Jones, 18, to the ground and dragged him from his home after he rightfully requested a warrant.

A white police officer in Baltimore was caught on video violently dragging a Black teen out of his home.

The incident occurred on Saturday, April 16, when 18-year-old Tionne Jones declined to let the officer, who had allegedly stalked him, enter his home without a search warrant.

In the video taken by Antonio McLaurin, Jones’ cousin, who also lives at the home, Jones is seen telling the black lieutenant that he lives there, but he won’t allow the officer to enter without a warrant.

A white cop, who arrived to the scene as backup, got out of his patrol car and immediately grabbed Jones by the neck and wrestled him to the ground.

Just before he is grabbed, Jones can be heard in the video saying: “This is my house.” The officer who grabs him says: “That don’t matter.”

Speaking to a local news station reporting on the incident, Jones’ mother, India Epps, said the video was “heartbreaking”. McLaurin expressed that he was worried it was going to be “another Freddie Gray situation”.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland says the video suggests the police had no probable cause to make the arrest adding that the young men did nothing wrong by asking the officers for a search warrant. Baltimore police are investigating the circumstances of the arrest after prosecutors determined the apprehension was unwarranted circumstances.

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