4 Officers, Who Shot Jeremy McDole, Won’t Face State charges, Family Protests In Wilmington Friday

The family of Jeremy McDole will not relent in seeking justice.

The tragic alleged murder of Jeremy McDole happened last September after he had been “robbed and shot by an unknown robber,” his sister claims, and then cops arrived on the scene and shot him fatally saying he had a gun which was never proven as true.

After eight months of investigation, some black community leaders and residents were outraged by the outcome, which took the unusual step of singling out Senior Cpl. Joseph Dellose for “extraordinarily poor police work” during the incident, The News Journal reports. The investigation was led by the Delaware Department of Justice.

The family of Jeremy “Bam” McDole with some residents is holding a march asking for justice after he was fatally shot by four police officers, who, last week prosecutors said, would not face state charges.

“We’re still marching for justice for Jeremy McDole,” said McDole’s sister, Keandra. She added they picked this day to march about two months ago, not knowing the results of the investigation will would be out.

“We had no intentions on the investigation being over with … when we put this together,” she said.

Considering how outraged people are on this march, it can only be concluded that black people are disgusted with one of the examples of injustice in this country. Police killing should be handled as an urgent case and those responsible and apprehended, convicted and jailed for crossing the line.

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