‘The Conversation’: Parents Discuss Keeping their African American Sons Safe

Prior to the rampant killing of African American on U.S. soil, parents have taking it upon themselves to teach their black sons how to interact with officers in every occasion, dubbed ‘The Conversation.’

Most African American family today fear for their male kids because of excessive police brutality in America. On this note have they taken it upon themselves to educate them how to interact with officers. Parents call this approach “the conversation.”

According to the New York Times, Black parents feel that to be able to keep their sons safe, they may have to tell the child they love that he risks being targeted by police, because of the color of the skin. How pathetic and corrupt American justice system is if parents must explain to their children how to interact with police.

Parents are conscious enough that the lives of black children do not matter at all to police officers and America as a whole; hence they have to find a means of survival by teaching their kids how to live whiles the police are around them.

Even though ‘The Conversation’ is a great idea, blacks also have to unite against brutality and fight until a result is attained. An Op-Doc video below elaborates how different families talk and intent engaging their male kids in the conversation.

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