Marryland – Father of Five kids fatally Shot in the back by four cops

Tillman, 32, never fired a shot, but was shot several times by four cops after cops chased him for having a gun in his waistband.

32-year-old George Tillman of Maryland on Sunday April 17, at about 1:30am was fatally gunned down after he was chased by cops through South Ozone Park streets.

Initial police reports said Tillman, the father of five kids,  drew a gun on cops who gave him a hot chase after he was spotted with a bottle of alcohol outside a friend’s parked Ford SUV. It all started when Tillman was approached by cops in plainclothes at 116th Ave., 135th St., reported police.

The family man was spending time with his wife at a party nearby  when police approached him. Upon noticing a gun on Tillman, cops engaged him while he fled. After running a whole block, Tillman run into three other plain-clothed anti-crime patrol cops.

Sources claim Tillman ignored cops orders to drop his gun before he pulled out the gun. However, Tillman didn’t fire any shots, officials said.

Tillman didn’t pose any threat to anyone by having a gun in his waistband, especially the five cops who surrounded him. Notwithstanding, four of the officers, Sgt. Thomas Sorrentino, Officers Michael Renna, Mateusz Krzeminski and Kenneth Stallone, instantly shot Tillman multiple times.

Tillman’s wife ran to his aide as he fell down from the shot. “She tried to see what was going on. She tried to run, she heard the shots and she ran. She was like, ‘No, God, please, no, no!’,” a witness said. Another witness said, Tillman was running from the officers when three or four fire shots were heard. “They pulled him over. He ran and they shot him,” recalled  Lashauna Brown, who was at the scene.

The man in the Ford SUV was taken in by cops for questioning. Brown said,“another guy ran, and they caught him.”

Tillman’s A.40-calibre Hi-point pistol  was recovered from the scene after he was rushed to the Jamaica Hospital. He died on arrival at the hospital.

“They shot him in the back for no reason,” a witness said. Tillman was a loving husband and father to four girls and one boy ranging in age from three to thirteen and now these kids will have no father. This could happen to any other black man, and this is why we have to fight to put an end to police killings.


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