Maurice Ashley Transforms The Lives Of Many Youth Using The Game Of Chess

50-year-old African American International chess champion, Maurice Ashley spent most of his life teaching people chess.

He is also an author, a commentator and a motivational speaker. In 1999 he was awarded the grand master title by the World Chess Federation.

Ashley has started chess programs in schools in Ferguson, Missouri to help expand the mental abilities of kids and he is also aiming at extending these programs to schools all over America.

Ashley has always been an inspiration and a role model to so many youths. According to him, “he teaches kids to treat life like a game of chess, the first move you make is the most important”.

Ashley believes life is like a game of chess, which comes with its own principles and any step you take is accompanied with a great decision.

With the failing educational system especially in public schools where 80% of the students are blacks, we hope mentors like Maurice Ashley would help and bring some change.

He aspires to use the game of chess to change and motivate young lives in the future.

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