Protest Breaks Out After Chicago Police Officer Kills A Black Teenager

More than 100 people gathered for a peaceful protest on Tuesday April 12 at the scene where a 16-year-old black teen was shot dead.

Pierre Loury was shot to death by a Chicago police officer on Monday night as he jumped a fence running away from police brutality. Read the full story here. After the shooting, police falsely reported that Loury was shot in a “gun confrontation” with the officer.

Concerned citizens came out in numbers the day after Loury was killed and peacefully matched the streets of Chicago to mourn and also to send a message to state officials about the unjustified killings of innocent black people. ‘Stop the violence, we’re too young,’ a friend of Loury said with grief.

The protesters held cardboards with messages like “My Life Matters”, “Pierre Loury”, “Black Lives Matter” and many more.

According to reports, two men were arrested during the protest. After hours of rally, some of the protesters left for their homes while others went to sympathize the family of the deceased.

It’s sad! My baby was 16, not 30. My baby was 16! Sixteen!“, Loury’s mom said with a lost voice.

The police are fabricating stories to cover-up the fatal shooting of the black teenager as they’ve always been. The outcome of a situation involving a Cop and a Black man is always a tragedy. It must be stopped in our communities.

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