Police Officer Fatally Shoots Black Teenager And Lies About His Death

A 16-year-old African-American Pierre Loury was fatally shot by a Chicago patrol officer on Monday April 11.

It was around 7:40 p.m. and Officers were on their patrol routine hunting down black men for crimes. They saw Pierre Loury in a vehicle matching a description of a car involved in a shooting crime earlier that day. The police officers, without wearing a body camera, stopped the teenager. Seeing how tensed and aggressive they were, the boy got scared and ran away to look for a safe place.

An officer chased Loury to a fence and as the boy jumped the fence, he shot him to death.

“My baby is gone,” Tambrasha Hudson, Loury’s mother cried as she spoke in an interview with the station.

The Chicago Police Chief of Detectives Eugene Roy reported that: “A foot pursuit ensued, and during the course of that pursuit led to an armed confrontation between the offender and the officer, resulting in the officer firing shots with his service weapon.”

We just want justice, that’s it, point blank, period,” Vantrese Frazier Loury’s stepfather said. “We don’t want no money. We don’t want nothing. We want the corruption to stop.

From a video which was posted immediately after the shooting, one can see the teenager lying on the inside of a fence and the officer outside the fence on the street. How can an “armed confrontation” result into that? He wasn’t targeting the officer; he was trying to escape for his life.  Furthermore officers claim the boy had a gun, while the whole his family denies this statement and insists that Pierre hadn’t any weapon.

Let’s see how officials will handle this case. A couple of million-dollar settlement is not an option. Justice must be served to those who need it.


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