2 White Boys Arrested With BB Guns Write Essay About Tamir Rice

What happens to black kids holding toy guns? They got shot dead and officers walk free. What happens to white kids holding toy guns? They write an essay about it.

When we hear news like this, we stand in awe of how the same situations can turn for you due to your skin color. What is wrong with being Black? Why should Blacks be killed by cops for no crime when Whites in the same cases stay alive and well?

Recently, two White boys were apprehended with BB guns in Parma Park. As ordered by a judge they will write an essay about Tamir Rice and do community service.

Boys, 12 and 15 y. o., were charged with a misdemeanor disorderly conduct. Their lawyer requested to dismiss the case but Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Linda Gaines Herman objected that request.

The next hearing of this case in the Juvenile Court will be on Aug. 19, the Magistrate JeNine Nickerson will pass judgment as to whether their case to be dismissed or not.

We had a young boy playing with a gun and the results were disastrous for that family and for the community as a whole,” Herman said to the court, referring to Tamir’s death. “We have an obligation to have a dialogue about something as simple as this and how it can go from simple to tragic in a very short period of time.”

During a conversation with the Magistrate, Nickerson asked them if they knew Tamir Rice, of which they all said yes.

The 15-year-old has to pay more than $160 in court costs and the younger boy, now 13, must pay about $150. Both must write the judge a report on how their cases are different and how they are similar to the Tamir case,” a report stated.

Considering the situation, police would not have thought twice before shooting them if they were Black kids like one security guard shot a 15-year-old boy because he fired pellet shots at him. However, these kids are white so officers didn’t feel “threatened” and therefore didn’t use any force against them at all. Well, officers, now you see, apparently you don’t have to kill kids with BB guns.

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