Police Officer Fired For Body-Slamming 12-Year-Old Girl

A Texas district police officer, Joshua Kehm, has been fired for brutalizing a sixth grader Janissa Valdez at Rhodes Middle School.

According to reports, two preteens were arguing outside the school campus on Tuesday March 29 and Officer Kehm was called to calm the situation. When the Officer got at the scene, he grabbed the little girl from her back and slammed her to the ground. “Ooh! Janissa are you OK?” a student asked as she lay in pain on the floor. There was absolutely no need to treat the young girl like a wrestler.

The police officer falsely reported a day after the incident that Janissa had accidentally fallen. Unfortunately for him, a cell phone video taken while he body-slammed the 12-year-old girl was posted on YouTube a week later.  Read the full story here.

The District Superintendent Pedro Martinez, after watching the video, stated that: “the officer’s report was inconsistent with the video and it was also delayed, which is not in accordance with the general operating procedures of the police department. We want to be clear that we will not tolerate this behavior

Officer Kehm was later suspended while the department carried out investigations. On Monday April 11, he was dismissed from office for assaulting and falsifying police report. Investigations will be continued to determine whether Kehm should be charged of police brutality crimes or not. That’s nice to hear that this psycho cop was fired and hopefully he will be punished for his reckless actions. Although black community still suffers for injustice as a lot of killer cops escape the punishment and continue to work in the force.

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