Meet 15-Year-Old Akilah Johnson – First Black To Ever Win A National Google Doodle Competition

The High School sophomore’s work was voted as a National Winner out of a 100,000 artworks for her strikingly ‘Afro-fresh’ google doodle this week.

Akilah Johnson’s bold decision to identify herself and exhibit her style the “Black” way has earned her this very prestigious honorary. Google doodle looked charmingly pro-black and unique as never before when it featured the exquisite colorful composition of artwork of a young Afro woman surrounded by a good number of motifs that represent Black origin and a woven braid, spelling ‘Google’.

The brilliant piece of artwork as entitled by the author “My Afrocentric Life” purely portrays the unaltered concept of Black.

Akilah Johnson, the 10th grader who hails from Washington D.C., in an interview explained her concept on google’s official blog talking about how the school she attended helped her to bond and identify with the African heritage. She said, “These schools promote a strong connection to African heritage, and an Afrocentric lifestyle, I learned a lot about my history as an African American.”

With regard to the theme “What makes me…me,” it’s clear that Johnson’s decision was simply based on the principles of true Black origin. She said, “As I grew older, I realized that the black people that came before us have made us into what we are today. So of course I had to include them in my doodle on the theme “What makes me…me.”

The 10th grader has made history with her artwork, appreciating her true Black origin and history.

Congratulations Akilah Johnson.

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