The Price Of Racism: U.S. Economy Losses Over A Trillion Dollars To Racial Discrimination

Perhaps quantifying the effects of racism in hard-earned cash would bring America to its senses.

Researchers have calculated that racial discrimination in Australia cost the country 3.6 percent of its $1.4 trillion GDP in terms of specific health outcomes, including depression, anxiety, PTSD and psychological disorders, totaling just $1 million shy of $34 billion.

Wait until you hear what the U.S. lost to racism in 2013 before you start wrapping you head around the authenticity of such findings.

Per a 2013 study from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and scholars from Brandeis, Harvard and Johns Hopkins, racism induced losses on the U.S. economy are estimated at $1.9 trillion.

As was put by the authors, racism cost the world’s largest economy “trillions of dollars in lost earnings, avoidable public expenditures, and lost economic output.”

The authors highlighted that people’s inability to realize their full potentials as a result of racial discrimination contributes greatly to such losses.

According to the findings, inequities in health, education, housing, employment, income, wealth, and other areas that impact achievement and quality of life, are a legacy of racism in America.

These revelations prove the racial prejudice seriously affects society both ecumenically and public health wise.

Imagine how big the figure would be now when racism seems more and more evident across America, now when police officers are given a salary raise or promotion after killing innocent black people, and at a time when all forms of racially motivated inequities are perhaps at an all time high.

This is a really troubling trend that could slowly rip this great nation apart if effective measures are not are not immediately taken to fixed it.

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