Racketeering Suit Filed Against Michigan Governor

Governor Rick Snyder faces a racketeering suit from Flint residents who were poisoned by lead.

Apr. 08,2016

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On Wednesday residents of Flint filed a racketeering lawsuit against Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and former members of his staff over lead contamination of the city’s drinking water. The lawsuit demands financial compensation for property damage, loss of business, financial losses stemming from the water crisis, punitive damages and compensation for future medical service.

Also, the lawsuit said that through the actions of the governor, the departments of Environmental Quality and Health and Human Services; and some state officials, along with emergency managers, “unthinkable harm has been inflicted on the residents of Flint,”
The governor’s spokesman decided not to comment on the suit.

Allegations claim the officials used racketeering activities to try to balance the city budget.

“He wants to run the state like a business,” attorney Marc J. Bern said of Snyder. “Well. The citizens of Flint, as shareholders in the corporation of the state of Michigan, I don’t think they were treated in an appropriate way.”

Federal investigators are planning to visit Flint this weekend to interview residents about water complaints.

The racketeering charges are just a tip of the iceberg. Genocide against Flint population is what Snyder and the city officials should be accused of.

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Racketeering Suit Filed Against Michigan Governor

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