A Spanish teacher is under serious scrutiny from Florida parents on “How privileged are you?” form he assigned to students during class.

A Spanish teacher at Monroe Middle School in Tampa during class lessons asked students the questions about race, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities and religion in a tabulated sheet of paper. Report says he allegedly used this means to promote “diversity.”

WTSP-10 reported on Tuesday that parents of these kids were furious and asked for the eviction of the teacher from the classroom. Regina Stiles who happened to be a parent in an interview with WTSP-10 told, “Her sexuality and all that has nothing to do with the school.” “You’re here to teach my child a foreign language – not anything else,” she said.

According to Stiles, her daughter revealed her ADHD in the forms ticking “mental disability” section prior to opinion of the teacher on the condition. “My daughter was also asked to consider boxes labeled ‘genderqueer’ and ‘pansexual’,” Stile added.

How is this a privilege form? This is ridiculous! Teachers with such low mentality and little or no training are employed in schools because of color differences. Such teachers can afflict damage to the lives of American kids instead of bringing them to a perfect future.

School officials have launched an investigation into the case while teacher has been temporary relieved of his duties.

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