“Genius Grant” Ta-Nehisi Coates Takes On The World Of Comics With Black Panther

‘Black Panther,’ the new Black-American superhero will join Captain America in May in Marvel Studios.

2015 MacArthur Fellows Program, 2015 “Genius Grant” award winner, writer, educator, journalist, activist  and national correspondent for The Atlantic, Ta-Nehisi Coates featured the Black Panthers in his large-scale comic book project

In addition to the comic book Coates will also be writing comics first mainstream black superhero –Black Panther.

‘Black Panther’, which was launched on April 6 with a decorative art by Brian Stelfreeze, will unify with  Captain America in Marvel Universe Studios cinematic ‘Civil War.’

The ‘Black Panther’ story setting tells about Black Panther’s kingdom of ‘Wakanda’, which activates an insurgency in the midst of terrorist attack plots against the people of the kingdom. Wakanda by the story setting is the most advanced nation on earth, with the most archaic structure of politics: absolute monarchy.

In an interview Coates elaborated on his decision to hoist the new black superhero ‘Black Panther saying, “I was also influenced by the recent wave of revolution through the Middle East and the American Revolution.” He explained that he could have written anything for Marvel,  but after thorough analysis he added, “I began to feel like I had my particular take on the character.”

Coates will be showcasing the new Black hero, Black Panther, in an unusual way to the people of America. Coates, however, hopes to continue making the comics after the Black Pather’s yearlong series.

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