Female And Minority Entrepreneurs To Fix Global Problems

An organization called Village Capital focuses on ability to level the economic playing field by investing in those who are normally shut out of the funding process.

A startup-development organization, Village Capital, is an organization with different aim of facilitating a level of economic growth with the shut out organizations by funding them.  “Our mission has been to democratize entrepreneurship,” says Nasir Qadree, Village Capital’s sector manager for education. “Village Capital finds trains and invests in entrepreneurs solving global problems.”

According to TheRoots, racial wealth gap is huge and it keeps widening. Today it’s wider than it was in 1960s. Qadree says Village Capital’s prior aim is to balance the inequalities in the distribution of venture capital and help women and minorities, especially African-American entrepreneurs to take their business ideas to another step because that is what America lacks today.

However, he highlighted how women and minorities in the society are disadvantaged in terms of business capital. Less than 10 percent of venture capital is allocated to women and less than 3 percent to the minorities. “Entrepreneurship provides an opportunity to close a widening income gap in society and gives more people self-determination,”Qadree added.

Forums which will help young entrepreneurs to know how to tackle challenges in business will be organized by Village Capital. According to Qadree, there will be organized programs that focus on solving educational challenges within low-income and underserved populations across the United States.

In nation building women and minorities play a vital role which cannot be overlooked. This is why government should give more opportunities for minority entrepreneurs to help bring their hidden talents and creativity into utility instead of thinking and trying to prove that they are incapable of accomplishing anything.

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