War In Syria – Effects With No Causes

Wars don't go unnoticed and this one is not an exception.

While something is too far you think it doesn’t affect you. This is not your war. Of course, it isn’t but, whatever happens to America it, first of all, affects Black people. Let’s take a closer look at the war in Syria and at how it may influence the lives of African-Americans.

1. Intervention. Black people know what it is to be alienated too well, so it will be easy to understand Syrians who do not want any increase of the foreign presence in their territory. Our troops will not be welcome.

2. Deaths and terrorism. Syrian conflict is considered the most violent confrontation of the century. This war has no rules: peaceful citizens get killed, chemical weapons are used… And the death will not skip Black soldiers if they get there. If not, furious terrorists will not hesitate to come to our cities.


3. Destruction of culture. When our African ancestors were brought to the US they struggled to preserve their culture but now it’s not too much left of it. The same is happening to Syrian culture right now, historical heritage is being mercilessly destroyed. For the war hawks in the government, it doesn’t mean anything, but we know how precious the history is to the people of the country.

4. Refugees. People don’t like wars and try to flee them. At the moment the displaced population of Syria is bringing about a global refugee crisis. If it touches the US refugees will increase the size of poor minority class to enormous, which means less money, worse medicine and more internal violence.


5. Cuts. The conflict in Syria has been lasting for around 6 years by now and it can last 6 years more if escalated. No government in the world has enough money to decently support the army for so long and when they run out the budget they will try to find it somewhere else. Guess where.


Now Black community doesn’t voice any opinion toward American interference into Syrian war. Maybe it’s time to change the situation…


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