Police Officers Pull Black Man From Car For Taking Cell Phone Video

Steven S. Sinnott was forced out of a car by cops and arrested because he refused to drop down his cell phone he was using to film a traffic stop.

Sinnott, who was a passenger, seated in the back seat of the car, he refused to answer questions of a police officer during a traffic stop for speeding. The officer repeatedly asked Sinnott and the driver, who are both black, if there was anything in the car that the police should know about, another way of saying do they have drugs with them.

The driver at last said, “No!”, but the officer insisted that Sinnott also answered him. He was just a passenger, how would he know is there “something” in the car that doesn’t belong to him? The officer then asked to search the car and again Sinnott told the driver to say “No”.

After the driver refused to allow them search the car, the officer now focused on Sinnott, who had been taking video all the while with his cell phone.

Hey, I told you to drop the phone and put your hands behind the car seat,” the officer said. “I said put the phone down and put your hands on the seat! But Sinnott continued to record because he was afraid of police officer’s possible cruel actions in case if he turned off the camera. Suddenly he was pulled out of the car and thrown to the ground.

According to report, Sinnott was charged with disorderly conduct but was later released with a court summons.

Why do some cops become so nervous when they get caught on camera? If you are not going to harm anybody then why should you care about cell phone cameras? Police activities need to be recorded in order to restore trust of the society.

Share this video and help fight against police brutality in our communities.

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