Black Woman Found Dead In Jail Cell After Arguing With Detention Officers

Wakiesha Wilson, 36, was found dead on Easter Weekend at the LAPD’s detention center in jail cell.

According to ABC7 report, the black woman, Wakiesha Wilson, had a disagreement with officers before she was found dead.

Wilson spoke to her lovely family that very Sunday morning and told them about her hearing, which was set to be on the following Tuesday.  She promised to call back that evening but never did. Tuesday came but Wilson didn’t appear at the court hearing, she was nowhere to be found.

After a sleepless night of investigating where their beloved daughter might have been, the family members were told on Wednesday that she had died on Sunday. The county coroner’s office reported that Wilson committed suicide.

I don’t believe that. My daughter would not kill herself. It’s not like this is the first time she’s been incarcerated. No, she had too much to live for,” Wilson’s mother Lisa Hines told ABC7.

She died on Sunday but her family knew about her death on Wednesday. Why? If she actually committed suicide, they should have let them know before her hearing. There is every right to doubt whether Wilson committed the suicide herself or she was brutalized to death.

Share this news and help to fight for justice for the Wilson’s family and families in similar situations.


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