Asian Descent Charged With Hate Crime After Attack On 2 Black Men

Christopher Qu was arrested for suddenly attacking a 16-year-old African-American and his brother at Irvine High School parking lot.

According to reports, the black teenager was waiting for his 24-year-old brother at around 12:50 pm to pick him up when Qu got to him with a metal rod in his hands and started using racial slurs. Police Department notes that Qu was acquainted neither with the boy nor with his brother, but he have earlier already threatened black people.

The black teen was lucky that his 24-year-old brother arrived at the scene in time. He tried to meddle but unfortunately he was head-butted and struck several times with the metal rod.

A police report says that the teen was unharmed, but his brother got a broken nose and some livid spots on his face.

The two brothers managed to escape the attack and called 911 reporting the incident. Moments later, Qu was arrested and taken into custody.

Report says that the black hater Christopher Qu was charged with a felony count of aggravated assault and a misdemeanor count of infringing the teens’ civil rights. If he is found guilty, he would face a 19-year jail term.

The spirit of racism is so long-standing that people don’t even think about the reason to attack black man. It’s like a reflex action that happens with no reason.


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